Review all the reports Lord Ashcroft has produced, including those assessing progress in implementing the recommendations in the Veterans’ Transition Review, which was published in February 2014.

October 2017: Third annual follow-up report.
This report looks at areas including public perceptions, health, career transition, the Third Sector, and disparities in provision across the UK, including Northern Ireland.

October 2017: Public perceptions research.
Full details of Lord Ashcroft’s new research into public perceptions of Service Leavers and veterans.

November 2016: Second annual follow-up report.
The follow-up report covers areas including career transition, information provision, public perceptions, health, charities, and work by the devolved governments.

November 2016: Research summary.
Summary of Lord Ashcroft’s research into public attitudes on the Armed Forces, Service Leavers and veterans.

July 2015: First annual follow-up report
The follow-up report assesses progress made in implementing the recommendations in the Veterans’ Transition Review

February 2014: Veterans’ Transition Review.

The Review makes recommendations for improving the transition for Service Leavers to civilian life

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